princessasher: Is sommerfeld your name?

My last name, yeah ! I’m pretty sure it means ‘summer field’ in German ?!


Cool news ! I’ve made another Instagram account ! This one is specifically for photos of light I see dancing on surfaces, and observing  how light behaves when it interacts with different things. I’d love if you could give it a follow @sunbetweenshadow
video games
taken with a disposable camera
Anonymous: hey bronte! What negative film scanner would you recommend?

I use a Nikon coolscan, takes aaaaages but scans well

» Bronte Sommerfeld

hello friends! 

i’ve just discovered this website/photographic community that allows me to sell my photographs online!

so if you particularly like any of my photos, you can actually buy them!!! 

in my incubator of artificial sunshine until the real sun decides to return
maple holding on to the last of it’s blood red leaves
taken on a disposable camera
posing in my shower 
i like photoshopping myself into other people’s conceptual art 
holy light
taken with a disposable camera 
taken with a disposable camera 
still from my latest project - film coming soon  
shot with a canon 5d 
misty beach, phillip island
shot with a canon 5D